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LensWork Extended Computer Edition

Computer Edition

The entire contents of our print magazine plus a whole lot more! More portfolios, more images, and audio interviews with the photographers. By using the universal PDF format, there is enough room for hundreds of images and media, too.


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These PDFs are compatible with Adobe Reader for your PC or Mac computers. They are formatted for Adobe Reader version 9 or greater.

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Also see our Tablet Edition that is formatted for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

LensWork Extended #148 Computer Edition

  Download PDF (75mb)
  • Pathos In Nature by Dan Baumbach
  • The Lure of Mountain Light by Jack Curran
  • The Poverty of Corruption by Alain Masiero
  • Metairie Cemetery by Mitch Nelles

LensWork Extended #147 Computer Edition

  Download PDF (81mb)
  • Signs of God by John Conn
  • Over My Shoulder by Chuck Kimmerle
  • Trees from a Train by Cole Thompson

LensWork Extended #146 Computer Edition

  Download PDF (57mb)
  • Island Sublime by Alexandra De Steiguer
  • Sacred Structures by Blaine Ellis
  • The Hózhó of the Navajo by Joseph Kayne
  • Instability by Thomas Vanoost


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