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Member Support

Need help?

General questions or help with your account?
Want to convert your LensWork (print edition magazine) subscription to an Online membership?

  • Email customerservice@lenswork.com, or
  • Call 1-800-659-2130 (USA) or 360-588-1343 (Outside the USA) during business hours, Pacific Time Zone.

Technical issues?

Email other technical questions techsupport@lenswork.com. We try to answer all questions within 24 hours.

Where can I subscribe to the magazine?

This is our membership website. Our regular website has information on subscribing to LensWork (our print edition), or purchasing any of our other items.


Common questions are answered in the FAQ below.

Opt-in Email Updates

If you'd like to receive emails with major announcement and news about LensWork Online, please sign-up for our email newsletter.

We know how irritating receiving unwanted emails can be, so we have a strict no-spam policy here at LensWork. We never share email lists; we never sign-up email addresses without your permission. We figure folks are adult enough to know when they want to opt-in and receive email and when the want to opt-out.

Major Announcements and News Only

Because we post all additions to the site on the "Recent Additions" page and in the Recent Additions RSS Feed, it would be redundant to include everything in the Opt-in Emails. So, we only send emails when there is something major to announce.

Please note that this email list covers only information relavant to LensWork Online, our membership website. We keep a separate email list for the public at large and for news and information about our publications and other activites. These are separate email lists. If you'd like to sign up for our non-member information emails, you can do so here.


How do I change my password in the new LensWork Online login portal?

How do I find out when my membership expires? Info on the new Manage My Subscriptions page

How do I upgrade from the Digital Editions Only membership to a Full Access membership?

What is the difference between the two memberships?

When I click on the link to a PDF, it opens in my browser.

I have an [fill in the blank!] device. Will I be able to use it to view LensWork digital editions?

PayPal auto-renewals

How do I download a PDF to my computer?

How do I download directly to my iPad?

How do I transfer a PDF to my iPad from your Mac or PC

How do I change my password in the new Login Portal?

To change your password for LensWork Online in our new login portal, go to this page: Manage My Subscriptions

Use your username and the system-generated password you were emailed to login in the box that looks like this:

Once you are logged in, you will be able to see the current status of all your subscriptions and memberships — now conveniently managed in this one location! Look for the Update Account Password area near the bottom. It looks like this…

Enter a password of your choosing in both boxes (you can enter your old password if you'd like to use it again) and click the “Update Passwords” button. That’s it! Be sure to use this updated password on future logins to either the Manage My Subscriptions page as well as the new LensWork Online login portal, too.

How do I find out when my membership expires?

Our new Manage My Subscriptions page allows you to see all of your subscriptions and memberships and the status of each — how many more issues of LensWork or the Monographs you have yet to receive, and the last day of your Online membership. From here, you can also renew any of your subscriptions or memberships. Note that the Manage My Subscriptions page uses the same username and password as your login for LensWork Online.

How do I upgrade from the Digital Editions Only membership to a Full Access membership (or vice versa)?

  • Email customerservice@lenswork.com, or
  • Call 1-800-659-2130 (USA) or 360-588-1343 (Outside the USA) during business hours, Pacific Time Zone.

What is the difference between the two membership levels?

So that you can choose whichever membership fits your needs, we've established two levels of membership:

Digital Editions membership allows access to the downloadable versions — the LensWork Tablet Edition and the LensWork Extended Computer Edition. Here is a comparison of these versions and their compatible/target devices.

Full Access membership allows access to all content and all pages of LensWork Online.

When I click on the link to a PDF, it opens in my browser.

This is normal behavior for most browsers, but not the best way to view a full-featured PDF. Browsers have built-in PDF readers that will open a PDF document inside a browser tab or window. We don't recommend this, however, because browser versions of PDF readers are typically not full featured. Instead, we recommend using the free Adobe Reader application. You probably have this on your computer already, but if not you can download it for free from www.adobe.com. Then download our publication PDFs to your computer (make your own library of favorites!) and open it from there. Here is a tutorial on how to do that.

I have an [fill in the blank!] device. Will I be able to use it to view LensWork digital editions?

It's a wild and wooley world out there! The possible combinations of devices, operating systems, competing formats, firmware iterations, evolving standards, and manufacturer's egos (ahem!) create an environment that makes it impossible for us to test every combination. Instead, our approach has been to standardize on the most popular formats and devices and test/publish with these in mind.

Our basic strategy revolves around the PDF document, MP3 audio files, and MP4 video. These are the overwhelmingly most popular, most common, most widely used file formats across all platforms and devices. There are some bumps in the road, e.g., the Adobe Reader for iPad will not play embedded audio but Mac computers will. For reasons we've never been able to figure out, the Nook eReader is supposedly PDF compatible, but struggles with our PDFs. We do our best, but please be aware that there are simply too many variable to ensure universal compatibility. We'll try our best to help if you find a problem with your device, but sometimes we might be stumped.

We can say, however, that such incompatibilities are rare. Most devices, most systems, and most software seems to work pretty flawlessly in spite of our publications be way out there on the cutting edge of technology. Give them a try and have fun!

PayPal Auto-renewals

If you are already setup with PayPal's auto-renew function, that will continue. If you prefer, you can change over to our auto-renew with credit card without using PayPal's confusing process. With our new system, you will receive a 30-day heads-up email that your auto-renew is about to renew so it won't come as a suprise each year! Email us for detailed instructions at techsupport@lenswork.com or we can help with this process if you'll call us at 800-659-2130 (USA) or 360-588-1343.

About Media — and Downloading

No doubt, we live in the age of new media — competing media, changing media, evolving standards, and cutting edge stuff. Fun, but it can be daunting.

Our philosophy is a bit daring. Rather than dumb-down our content to the least common denominator, we've chosen to trust in our readers and their patience. We use all kinds of media and target our content for whatever platform seems best. Sometimes, more than one. That means we need you to participate by knowing a bit about what media your devices can use and what media our pages employ. Here's an overview and some tips about downloading PDFs to your local computer.


Roughly half of our readers use Windows-based computers. Windows 7 and 10 are the most common. Everything we produce can be used on the Windows platform — XP, Vista, or Windows 7, or Windows 10.


Roughly half of our readers use Mac based computers or iOs devices. Everything we produce can be used on Mac computers, too. (The remaining 3% are Unix, Ubuntu, etc.)

A special caution to Mac computer users:

If the pages of our PDFs aren't opening, display as blank white pages, or partially display, you are probably viewing the files with the default Preview program that is built-in to the Mac OS instead of with Adobe Reader (OR you are using an older version of Adobe Reader to open the files.) Be sure you have Adobe Reader 9 or greater downloaded on your computer. The Preview program can read simple PDF documents, but cannot read newer version PDFs, advanced-feature PDFs, nor can it play Flash-based media.

To open LensWork PDFs on a Mac, make sure you first open the Reader program itself. Then, use the File>Open menu option on the toolbar to browse for the LensWork PDF you want to open. YOU CANNOT SIMPLY USE FINDER TO LOCATE THE FILE, AND CLICK TO OPEN.

Alternatively, you can make Adobe Reader your default PDF reader:
1. Select the PDF file you have downloaded.
2. Select "Get Info" from the File menu (or hit Cmd-I).
3. Set "Open With" to Adobe Reader 9 or greater.
4. Click the "Change All" button to make this the default for all PDFs.

PDFs and the free Adobe Reader

The PDF publication is our basic medium for publications that use still images. Many of our video training programs also use PDF as the primary publication with video or audio embedded or linked. Media used in PDFs are either standard audio MP3 files or standard video MP4 files. No additional software is required.

We produce and recommend Adobe Reader (or Acrobat Standard or Pro) version 9 or greater. If you use earlier versions, some of our publications may not work.

Adobe Reader on the iPad or Android devices

Adobe makes the best PDF reader. We strongly recomment their free Adobe Reader app for iPad or for Android.

Downloading PDFs for full screen viewing

We recommend that you download our PDFs and view them from your local hard drive via the Adobe Reader. The advantage of doing so is that many of the Media Monographs, in particular, are best viewed as "Full Screen" presentations rather than as PDF windows inside your browser. Here are some tips on how to do this.

Downloading to your Mac or PC computer

There are two ways to view a PDF. You can just click on a link, or you can "download" it. There is a big difference.

If you click on a link, the PDF will probably open inside your browser window. (Virtually all browsers have the ability to open a PDF in a browser window.) By doing so, you will start what is called a "helper app" instance of your PDF reader that will render the document inside the browser. That's okay, but you might be missing some of the full impact of a full screen presentation and worse, you might not have all the features of our PDFs available to you — particularly the audio/video components.

It is better to actually download the PDF to your local computer, then open it with the Adobe Reader as a free-standing application. This will ensure you will see the document as we intended, with all the features enabled and all the impact of a full screen presentation. As an added benefit, you will also have the entire content of the document on your local hard drive and won't need access to the Internet to view it next time. This also allows you to build your own personal library of favorite PDFs!

How to Download

To download, right-click (sometimes Ctrl-click on a Mac) on the PDF link and look for language like "Save as . . ." or "Save link as . . ." or even "Download as . . ." from the list of options. (Different browsers use different language.) Once you click on that option, typically you will next see a window that will allow you to navigate to the location where you want to store the file and save it there. Be sure to allow enough time for the download to complete, then open the PDF from your storage location.

Downloading to an Android tablet or phone

First, if you haven't already done so, download the free Adobe Reader app to your device.

From any link in LensWork Online, simply tap the link. Your Android device will either open the PDF in your default PDF viewing app or ask you which app you'd like to use that can open a PDF. We strongly recomment the free Adobe Reader app as it does the best job presenting single pages that fill the screen as individual pages rather than a continuous scroll of pages.

Downloading PDFs directly in your iPad

In Safari login to LensWork Online and navigate to the page that has the PDF you want to download to Adobe Acrobat.

Tap on the link and wait for the PDF to download in your browser. Once the PDF has downloaded, tap anywhere on the screen and a bar will pop up at the top of the window. Click "Open in..." and select "Open in Adobe Acrobat." The Adobe Reader app will automatically open with the PDF. Tap in the middle of the screen to make the tool bars disappear.

Transferring our PDFs to your iPad from your Mac or PC


Although there are several ways to move a PDF file from your computer to your iPad, here is the way we recommend as one of the simplest. It uses the APP GoodReader in concert with iTunes. (GoodReader is the APP we recommend for our PDFs and the one we test with. Other PDF reader APPs may work, but there is no guarantee.)

Step 1

Machine generated alternative text: lIBRARY S Movies J Podcasts [!jiJ Books Apps Tunes Store Png Purchased jJ Purchased on Brooks Jensen’s... DEVICES Q Brooks Jensen s iPad EJ Ø PIAYUSTS 9O MusicPlug in your iPad to your computer. This should start iTunes automatically.

In iTunes, look on the left side for your iPad. It should be listed under DEVICES.



Step 2

Click on the name of your iPad to open the Summary screen



Step 3

Now in the top row, click on "Apps"

Step 4

Look for the "File Sharing" box at the bottom

Assuming you have the recommended GoodReader App, you will see it listed. Click on GoodReader and the "Documents" window to the right will list all the documents on your iPad that GoodReader can open.


From the location on your computer (desktop or folder) drag and drop the LensWork PDF(s) onto the "Documents" window in iTunes. Click on an "Apply" button to start the sync to your iPad. iTunes will then copy the PDF from your computer to your iPad so GoodReader can see it.

Disconnect your iPad from iTunes and open GoodReader.

On your iPad, tap on the GoodReader app and you will find the PDFs you've just transferred listed in the left "My Documents" column. Tap to open the LensWork PDF with GoodReader.