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Submit Your Work

Members Receive Priority Reviews!

We typically review new submissions every 60 days, commensurate with our magazine production cycle. As a membership benefit, however, we will fast-track your submission.

Members' submissions are reviewed weekly.

Member Reviews Feedback (Optional)

When a portfolio is rejected for publication, we normally do not offer feedback about our decision. As frustrating as this is, it's simply not possible for us to comment on what we saw, why we rejected it, how we'd like to see it improved for us to consider it again for publication.

However, as members of LensWork Online, we feel a special obligation to you to, at your request, share our thoughts about your submission. To this end, if you'd like to know the thinking behind our decisions, just let us know you'd like such information. We typically will record our thoughts and email them to you via MP3 audio file. (Voice email is so much easier than typing!) We'd like to think that even in being rejected for publication, there is some value in the process itself. It's never fun to be rejected, but at least we hope we can make it a useful step in the learning curve.

Feedback is given only if specifically requested.


A Word About Timing

Our review process consists of three separate states in which a submission may reside. We do general reviews every 60 days, but as stated we do review LensWork Online members’ submissions every week. At that weekly review, we have three choices:

  1. We can reject the work;
  2. We can accept the work for publication; or
  3. We can (and often are) undecided.

This last state arises when we like the work, see potential in it, but for one reason or another simply cannot commit to it yet. Sometimes this happens because we have several portfolios that are similar and we are needing more time to sort them out. Sometimes this happens because we’ve recently published something similar and we need to let some time go by before we can seriously consider publishing it. Sometimes this happens because we are split and some of us like the work, but others in the staff are in disagreement — time often helps us come to a unanimous decision. In all these cases, the work remains in limbo for a time — sometimes several months — being neither accepted nor rejected.

Please note that we only provide feedback after a submission has been rejected. If you haven't heard from us, that's good news — the work is still under review!


Submissions for LensWork and/or LensWork Extended

We continually review portfolios for publication. Obviously, we can't publish everything that is submitted, but we also can't publish work that isn't ever submitted! The best way to start is to send in the work and let us take a look.

We give preference to portfolios of related images or themes as opposed to collections of "my 10 best shots." Unlike the images used to illustrate articles or techniques, the portfolios in LensWork are photographic essays intended to stand alone on their own merits. Consider them "mini-books" or small gallery shows, if you will. We publish portfolios of 8-20 photographs in the print version, but have the ability to expand this number in our Digital Editions.

Typical submissions are 15-70 images from which we can edit a selection ideal for the magazine and use all or most of the images in the LensWork Extended. You need not have this many images to submit your work for review. We have, on occasion, accepted for publication submissions with as few as 12-15 related images.

LensWork (our print edition publication) is suitable for black-and-white work only. We print in 20-micron dot stochastic duotone. Images that require four-color printing are not suited to the print version

LensWork Extended, however, expands our capabilities and allows us to include both color work and media.

Because we know you'll want to know but may be to shy to ask, yes, we do pay photographers for work publised in LensWork or LensWork Extended. And, unlike so many other publications in the world of photography, we do not charge a submission fee in order to review work. Unsolicited submissions are welcome and even encouraged.

How to Submit Your Work to LensWork Publishing (You will need Acrobat 9 or greater to open this PDF)

Reader Spotlight Submissions

In our new Reader Spotlight feature, we are delighted to bring exposure to the talents of our readers. We publish weekly, 3 (occasionally 4) photographers in a special, downloadable PDF. This PDF if free to members of LensWork Online. It's an ideal way to get started in the process of sharing your work with the world and beginning the process of connecting with folks and developing an audience for your work.

Unlike LensWork and LensWork Extended, work for this feature does not need to be thematically related. We will publish "greatest hits" images in this venue. Each photographer will be allocated up to 6 pages. These can be six images, or your can include a title page and/or introductory statement as one or two of your pages. Links will be included back to your website so viewers can contact you directly. This is an entirely non-commercial venture: the publication is free, the distribution is free, and we, therefore, do not offer an honorarium for your published work in this program.

If you'd like us to consider your work for this weekly publication, please review the Submissions Guidelines for this special program.

Submission Guidelines

For the Readers' PDF Gallery

An interesting tidbit by way of background: Before the birth of the magazine business in mid-19th century, there did not exist (at least in any published sense) the short story. There was no venue for short story writers to get there creations published! But, with the birth of the magazine as a vehicle for publication, the short story as a form of liturature came into its own and grew in scope and stature.

We believe there is a similar situation now, in our time, with the PDF publication and fine art photography. Without a way to get one's work seen, the motivations to produce it are diminished. So, to help photographers find and connect with an audience and to help them with their motivations to publish their photography in the PDF format, we are launching the Readers' PDF Gallery.

If you've published a PDF of your work and would like to make it available to our LensWork Online members, let us know. We'll be posting PDFs here for our members to download. This is a non-commercial relationship, but we would encourage photographers to think about these PDFs as a way to build an audience, promote books and print sales, bring attention to your website, etc. We discussed this at great length in our Finding an Audience for Your Work Visual Workshop and would encourage all of you to consider this no-cost, low-cost publication paradigm and ideal way to find an outlet for your photography that can supplement your efforts in molecules and physical distribution.

If you have a PDF you'd like us to consider, upload the file here.