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What is LensWork Online?
Quite simply, the most amazing, content-rich site for photography and the creative process you've ever seen.

There are three basic areas of this website . . .

Dynamic Publications

Dynamic Publications are items that change on a periodic basis, for example the bi-monthy editions of LensWork, our new LensWork Tablet Edition, and LensWork Extended Computer Edition. The most recent three issues of our LensWork digital publications are available.

In this area you will also find other publications that are posted for a finite duration of time and then removed when they are no longer relevant, for example Alumni News announcements about exhibitions and new publications. This is where you will also find publications that features our new publications that feature the work of our LensWork readers.

Resource Library

The Resource Library is a permanent feature whose content is perpetually available. Consider this a vast resource of materials that can be of use in your own creative life. This area is filled with lots of audio and video content, new features developed exclusively for LensWork Online members, archives of content (like our podcasts) that continue to be of interest long after their publication date, and much, much more.

You'll also find the entire content of our LensWork Visual Workshop here. Everything. These are still available on disc and can be purchased from our online store for $99 each, but we make the entire workshop content available here at no additional cost as a benefit for LensWork Online members.

You and Your Work

You are probably interested in LensWork because you are a photographer making photographs as well as looking at them. Our mission — consistent since we founded LensWork Publishing in 1993 — has been to assist in any way we can to help photographers along their own creative path. You and Your Work is the area in this website that will be of particular interest to you as a producer of fine art photographs.

Items with a red asterisk* are new features that have been developed exclusively for LensWork Online members.

Dynamic Publications

A selection of recent/current content including, the LensWork digital editions for computer, iPad, and Android devices, as well as Kindle books, PDF monographs, our Alumni Newsletter, and other publications — all available for download to Full Access members at no additional charge. Digital Editions Only subscribers have access to the LensWork Digital Editions items only.

LensWork Digital Editions

LensWork Tablet Edition

Newly designed for either your iPad or Android tablet with larger images and easy-to-read text.

  • A single PDF file including all the content of the Print Edition — portfolios and articles!

LensWork Extended Computer Edition

Newly designed and now available to download as a single PDF!

  • Intended for Mac or PC computers using the Adobe Reader, this edition takes advantage of the additional capabilities available only on computers — audio and video, PDF layers with commentary text, and more.

Kokoro, Wandering Through a Photographic Life

Personal work from LensWork Editor, Brooks Jensen

It might seem a little audacious for the editor to promote his work here in the LensWork Online website, but we think it is important to know we can walk the walk as well as talk the talk. As Brooks has so often said, "I was a photographer long before LensWork and I'll be a photographer long after." Kokoro is a monthly compilation of Brooks' ongoing image journal, designed for tablets, but viewable on computers, too. They are free, monthly PDFs, sort of like a digital magazine of his personal work. And perhaps Kokoro might be an example/inspiration of a project that might be of interest for your own work — enjoy!

Vol. 2, No. 1, Jan 2016

A single PDF, 5 chapters, 86 pages, 51mB

Table of Contents
067 - Waiting Under a Winter Moon, Part 2
068 - The Signs of Anger Remain
069 - The Corn Winnower
070 - Nothing Special
071 - Glimpses of Old Japann

Previous monthly issues of Kokoro

Free - The entire 2015 volume now available totalling 782 pages in 66 topics!
Vol 1, No 1 - Jan 2015
Vol 1, No 2 - Feb 2015
Vol 1, No 3 - Mar 2015
Vol 1, No 4 - Apr 2015
Vol 1, No 5 - May 2015
Vol 1, No 6 - Jun 2015
Vol 1, No 7 - July 2015
Vol 1, No 8 - Aug-Nov 2015
Vol 1, No 9 - Dec 2015

Full Access Members can also view all the following resources . . .

LensWork Community

*After the Interview

At the end of every interview, there are always some "off the cuff" comments that are recorded after the conversation is officially over. These "behind the scenes" segments are always edited out of the official interviews, but often contain some wonderful insight, personality, or stories. A selection of some of these unedited excerpts in LensWork Online is included as an exclusive member benefit.

Alumni Newsletter

You may be aware of our free, monthly Alumni Newsletter. If not, check it out as a part of LensWork Online! PDFs featuring news, publication and exhibition announcements, etc, from LensWork alumni.

Interviews with Photographers

We've conducted over 400 interviews with photographers about their creative process. These interviews accompany their portfolios published in LensWork and LensWork Extended. All of these interviews are now available here. There is always something to learn from others' experiences on their creative path — enjoy!
Readers' PDF Gallery

*Readers' PDF Gallery

We know that lots of you are producing PDF publications of your work, but need a way to get them in front of an audience. In the Readers' Gallery, we do just that! Send in your finished PDF for review and we'll publish the best of them in this new gallery.

*Reader Spotlight

The LensWork audience is overflowing with talented photographers, so here is your chance to share your work with other LensWork readers! As we receive submissions, we'll publish short PDFs featuring work from 2-4 LensWork Online members.

Resource Library

Our extensive Resource Library includes articles and essays from LensWork, our entire 700+ podcast library, Fireside Chat audio programs, full content of our LensWork Visual Workshops, Creative Lab tutorials and tips, and lots of additional information. Content of this Library is perpetually available to current members.

Alumni Books

*Alumni Books

Even in this age of digital distribution of fine art photography, there is something quite magical and special about a finely crafted book. Many of our LensWork alumni have produced books of their work.
Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight

Here we make all the previous issues available in perpetuity in the form of PDF archives of the original web pages.

*Archive Audio

We are in the process of preparing lots more interviews from the early days of LensWork as well as audio of workshops Brooks has recorded over the last several decades. We will be making them available here as they are ready. In this LensWork Online audio archive, we present recordings and excerpts from these interviews and workshops. Recordings have been converted to downloadable MP3 files. This is a unique opportunity to hear some of photography's great masters speak about their craft with the passion and clarity that is only available by hearing them "live" via these archive recordings.



Letting Go of the Camera is now available!
Book Reviews

*Book Reviews

Most book reviews start and end with critical commentary about the images. But beyond that there are issues that most reviewers ignore — everything from paper stock to printing quality, design to typography, and most importantly comparisons to similar titles. Now that so many of us are purchasing our photo books online before seeing them in person, the LensWork Online Book Reviews offer the opportunity to learn more about photo books before you click on that "BUY" button.

Creative Labs

*Creative Labs

Some topics are vitally important, but simply do not require a full workshop. These programs are typically shorter than full workshops, explore a wide variety of topics, and are presented in their entirety (at no additional cost) as a LensWork Online membership benefit.

Darkroom Tours

Darkroom Tours

We've toured a number of darkrooms and digital workspaces over the years — and there are more in the works! You'll find all of them here for viewing via LensWork Online.



For Kindle and other eReaders

Do you have a Kindle or other eReader? From the LensWork Online site you can download free eBooks from LensWork Publishing, including all our Single Exposures series of transcribed podcasts. (Each Kindle book available to non-members for $5.95.)

Editor's Comments

Brooks' Editor's Comments are one of the most popular elements of LensWork. At LensWork Online, you can read every one of them, going all the way back to LensWork #1.

*Free InDesign and Photoshop templates

Why design from scratch, when you can download free templates from LensWork Online?
Looking at Images - Media Edition

*Looking at Images — Media Edition

Our Looking at Images blog is expanded with additional audio comments that explore different aspects of an image not discussed in the written blog.

The 1998 LensWork Interviews

The 1998 LensWork Interviews

In 1998, we produce a couple dozen videos containing interviews with photographers, long before video became such an Internet thing. All of these early videos are available here.

Podcast Archives

Brooks started his "audio blog" in February of 2004. Six months later, Apple introduced the iPod and "podcasting" was born. So ... Brooks has been podcasting before podcasting was podcasting! All 700 (and growing) of Brooks' podcasts on photography and the creative process are available at LensWork Online for free download. Don't forget, our most recent podcasts are available on our LensWork Daily Blog and via RSS feed.

Special Interviews

Special Interviews

From time to time, we interview people like the Mary Virginia Swanson, Stephen Perloff, or Bill Jay — talented individuals who offer more to photography than their photographic skills. Writers, thinkers, movers-and-shakers, these special interviews are available for download from LensWork Online.

Visual Workshops

Visual Workshops

We are big fans of the training available at lynda.com. Following their example, we're making available the full content of each of our Visual Workshops within the LensWork Online website — the entire content. If purchased on disc without LensWork Online membership, these Visual Workshops on disc would cost $298. Now, with a membership to LensWork Online, you can view all of them as many times as you'd like at no additional charge beyond your annual membership.

You and Your Work

From the very first issue of LensWork in 1993, we've been dedicated to helping photographers find their own voice, produce their own work, and be active members of the photographic community. To quote one of our favorite lines from Lonesome Dove, "We don't cotton to no shirkers." We're serious about helping our readers, and here are some of the ways you can learn and grow as a photographer with an annual membership to LensWork Online.

*Submit Your Work - Members Receive Priority Reviews

We typically review new submissions only every 60 days, commensurate with our magazine production cycle. As a members-only benefit, we fast-track your submission. Members' submissions are reviewed weekly.

In addition, members' submissions, if rejected, are returned with feedback about our review. What we saw, why we rejected it, how we'd like to see it improved for us to consider it again for publication. Details . . .