What is LensWork Online?
Quite simply, the most amazing, content-rich site for photography and the creative process you've ever seen.


On this page, you'll find lots and lots of samples so you can "test drive" the site and see for yourself the kinds of content you'll find inside. These samples represent about 1% of what you'll find here.

And please keep in mind that this is a dynamic site. We are adding new content all the time!

Dynamic Publications

Dynamic Publications are items that change on a periodic basis, for example the bi-monthy editions of LensWorkLensWork Extended Tablet Edition and LensWork Extended Computer Edition. The most recent three issues of our LensWork digital publications are available.

In this area you will also find other publications that are posted for a finite duration of time and then removed when they are no longer relevant, for example Alumni News announcements about exhibitions and new publications. This is where you will also find publications that features our new publications that feature the work of our LensWork readers.

Resource Library

The Resource Library is a permanent feature whose content is perpetually available. Consider this a vast resource of materials that can be of use in your own creative life. This area is filled with lots of audio and video content, new features developed exclusively for LensWork Online members, archives of content (like our podcasts) that continue to be of interest long after their publication date, and much, much more.

You'll also find the entire content of our LensWork Visual Workshop here. Everything. These are still available on disc and can be purchased from our online store for $99 each, but we make the entire workshop content available here at no additional cost as a benefit for LensWork Online members.

You and Your Work

You are probably interested in LensWork because you are a photographer making photographs as well as looking at them. Our mission — consistent since we founded LensWork Publishing in 1993 — has been to assist in any way we can to help photographers along their own creative path. You and Your Work is the area in this website that will be of particular interest to you as a producer of fine art photographs.


Items with a red asterisk* are new features that have been developed exclusively for LensWork Online members.

Dynamic Publications

A selection of recent/current content including, the two LensWork digital editions for computer, iPad, and Android devices, as well as Kindle books, PDF monographs, our Alumni Newsletter, and other publications — all available for download to Full Access members at no additional charge. Digital Editions Only subscribers have access to the LensWork Digital Editions items only.

LensWork Digital Editions

The following two digital publications are available to all LensWork Online subscribers.

Preview an entire issue of
LensWork Tablet Edition

Sample portfolio from
LensWork Extended Computer Edition


LensWork Community

Sample from
After the Interview

Jimmy Williams

Alumni Newsletter

Sample interview
Interviews with Photographers

Alan Ross

Readers' PDF Gallery

Reader Spotlight

Resource Library

Our extensive Resource Library includes articles and essays from LensWork, our entire 700+ podcast library, Fireside Chat audio programs, full content of our LensWork Visual Workshops, Creative Lab tutorials and tips, and lots of additional information. Content of this Library is perpetually available to current members.

Sample web page archive (MHT format) from our
Alumni Spotlight

Archive Audio

Morley Baer

Sample page from our
Book Reviews

Sample video from our
Creative Labs

Sample video from our
Darkroom Tours


For Kindle and other eReaders

Sample PDF of one of our
Editor's Comments

Free InDesign and Photoshop templates

Sample video from the
Archives from the 1998 LensWork Interviews

Podcast Archives

Sample from the
Special Interviews

Mary Virginia Swanson

Sample page from the
Looking at Images - Media Edition

Sample video from our
Visual Workshops

Brooks Jensen Arts monographs

You and Your Work

From the very first issue of LensWork in 1993, we've been dedicated to helping photographers find their own voice, produce their own work, and be active members of the photographic community. To quote one of our favorite lines from Lonesome Dove, "We don't cotton to no shirkers." We're serious about helping our readers, and here are some of the ways you can learn and grow as a photographer with an annual membership to LensWork Online.

*Submit Your Work - Members Receive Priority Reviews

We typically review new submissions only every 60 days, commensurate with our magazine production cycle. As a members-only benefit, we fast-track your submission. Members' submissions are reviewed weekly.

In addition, members' submissions, if rejected, are returned with feedback about our review. What we saw, why we rejected it, how we'd like to see it improved for us to consider it again for publication.