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We are big fans of the training available at lynda.com. Following their example, we're making available the full content of each of our LensWork Visual Workshops within the LensWork Online website — the entire content. These workshops can be viewed (via streaming video) at your leisure at any time during your current membership. If purchased from our online store on a disc, these Visual Workshops on disc would cost $99 each. Now, with a membership to LensWork Online, you can view all of them as many times as you’d like at no additional charge beyond your annual membership.

The Great Conversation

In February 2019, Brooks gave a talk at the Pacific Northwest Art School (formerly known as the Coupeville Art Center) in Coupeville, Washington. Here is a video of that talk called The Great Conversation.

Runtime: 1:27:52

PDF Publishing

As an alternative to publishing photography in print, the advantages of electronic publication are numerous: an affordable publishing budget, an incredibly low per-unit cost, easy distribution, and the inclusion of multimedia components. Unlike paper-based publications, PDF publishing offers unlimited space that will accommodate even the largest projects — without busting the budget.

Over 7 hours of hands-on video and audio tutorials.


Folios are a cross between a book and a portfolio. Like a book, folios have room for many pages, many images — and even text or text signatures. Unlike a book, they are not bound, but rather are individual sheets. Like a traditional portfolio, my folios contain original artwork, but are not matted. And the folio cover is a more flexible enclosure that’s more accommodating to small hand-held prints than the traditional portfolio clamshell box.

Over 4 hours of hands-on video and audio tutorials.

Finding an Audience for Your Work

So, now you have it completed — the project, the exhibition, the book, the PDF, the website — what now? How do you find an audience — or even a paying audience — for your work? That is the topic for this workshop.

Over 12 hours of hands-on video and audio tutorials.