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Those Who Inspire Me (and Why)

From the Author's Preface:

I started writing this book about 7 years ago. After considerable thought, instead of publishing this content as traditional book, Those Who Inspire Me (and Why) will be published here, as a series of downloadable audios. Consider it a small token of my immense gratitude to all those who have pioneered this way of life that I love, and a passing-on of the invaluable contributions they've made to our creative lives. — Brooks Jensen

Each week Brooks records another commentary. We'll post a new audio every Thursday. For those who prefer to read rather than listen, there is also a link to a text page for each group.

Hint: Right-click on the title to download the MP3 to your computer for transfer to your portable player; click on the play control to just play it here in your browser.


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The Explorers


Ansel Adams - Dedication and Lucky Timing (text version)

Eugene Atgét - Distribution and Luck (text version)
Frederick Evans - Art Beyond the Image (text version)
Josef Sudek - The True Subject (text version)
André Kertész - Exploring the Self (text version)
Edward Weston - Looking Within, Keep Working (text version)
John Sexton - Opinions Are Just Opinions (text version)
Don Kirby - Knowing Before Photographing (text version)
Phil Borges - Breaking Tradition Within Tradition (text version)
Christopher Burkett - Technology and Our Own Aging Process (text version)
Keith Carter - The Structure of a Project (text version)
George Tice - Teaching Us How to See (text version)

The Storytellers

    Paul Strand - Portrait of a Place (text version)
    Wright Morris - Photography and the Fictional Story (text version)
    Morrie Camhi - Human Compassion as the Basis for Art (text version)
    FSA Photographers - The Myth of Photographic Objectivity (text version)
    Roy DeCarava - Life in the Shadows (text version)
    August Sander - A Grand Scheme (text version)
    W. Eugene Smith - Content, Content, and Content (text version)
    Linda Butler - Fine Art Storytelling (text version)
    Pedro Meyer - Image and Photograph (text version)
    Duane Michals - Image, Ideas, and Words (text version)
    David Plowden - A Singular, Dedicated Vision (text version)
    Josef Koudelka - The Precious Print (text version)
    Jay Dusard - Photographing With Permission (text version)

The Visionaries

    Wynn Bullock - A Way of Life (text version)
    Alfred Stieglitz - Photography as an Art Medium (text version)
    Brett Weston - Avoiding Distractions (text version)
    Minor White - Photographs, Not Photography (text version)
    OIiver Gagliani - The Photographic Life (text version)
    Aaron Siskind - Beyond One's Own Preoccupations (text version)
    Huntington Witherill - The Art Life (text version)
    Bruce Barnbaum - Seeing Within (text version)
    Michael Kenna -Following Your Own Creative Muse (text version)
    Dominic Rouse - Looking Beyond Photography (text version)
    Carl Chiarenza - Literacy and Artifacts (text version)
    Brigitte Carnochan - A New Visual Vocabulary (text version)

The Producers

    Introduction to The Producers
    André Kertész - Small Projects, Human Connections (text version)
    Ruth Bernhard - Photographing at Home (text version)
    Todd Walker - Gatekeepers and Self-publishing (text version)
    Morley Baer - Seeing Beyond the Cliché (text version)
    Fred Picker - Print Quality Outside the Books (text version)
    Eliot Porter - Avoiding Being Pigeonholed (text version)
    Michael Reichmann - Legacies (text version)
    Howard Schatz - The Value of Partnering (text version)
    Aline Smithson - Having Fun (text version)
    Josef Hoflehner - Developing an Audience (text version)
    Cole Thompson  
    Jerry Uelsmann  

Non-Photographers Who Inspire (well, some of them are photographers, but there is another reason they've inspired me)

    Robert Henri  
    David Bayles & Ted Orland  
    Nathon Lyons  
    Ian Anderson  
    Charles Dickens (notes)  
    Charles Dickens and Conan Doyle (serials)  
    Hiroshige (and the Japanese ukiyo-e artists)  
    Joni Mitchell and Miles Davis  
    Richard Benson  
    Alvin Toffler