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Finding the Picture with Brooks Jensen

Finding the Simplified Composition

Here is a fairly typical scenario for my type of photography. This is certainly an interesting place with a lot going on that could be a photograph. The image below reveals potential in the propellers, the zinc attachments, the steering mechanism, even the broom could be interesting. Often I'll just jump in and start making images — but if there is a common idea in this type of work, it is approaching the details in search of a simplified composition. The overall shot below has not composition. It's just a snapshot. Compare it to the carefully composed images below.

First, here is a closer view of the propeller and steering assembly. OK, but we're not done yet.

Next is a closer view of the zinc attachments that make an interesting abstract. Suddenly it's not longer about a ship, but about the staccato of the white dots and lines. I like this one better, but there is one more that is worth doing.

And finally, I got close enough to narrow the composition down to just the curves in the brass propeller.

I suspect all of these could find their way into a project, but probably not all into the same project. In fact, this last one appeared in a small project I titled Petals of Power that was all about these graceful, curved shapes.

Tech data:

All shot with a Panasonic G1 using a a 14-45mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens. ISO 100.