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Finding the Picture with Brooks Jensen

Finding the Unseen Detail

Photographing in the Dakota Creek Shipyard across the street from our former offices in Anacortes, WA, I saw these brass propeller blades staged for installation. What a fantastic color and shape! Clearly there must be a photograph to be made here. Clearly, this in situ image wasn't it.

My normal procedure in these situations is to simple change the magnification and see if something develops of interest. I tried a telephoto lens, but that didn't work. I walked closer, that didn't work either. I got within frame-filling distance and that didn't work either. At last, when I started looking at the smaller details, I found something I could get excited about. Here is the scene . . .

. . . and here is the photograph I made here. Reminds me of agave plants. The top/left of this image is the propeller blade. The bottom/right of this image is the clear plastic that was covering the propeller blades during shipment, now partially ripped off. OK, this isn't a photograph of "the propeller blades," but I was happy to have found it anyway. Besides, I have lots of other images of propeller blades, but this abstract is unique for me.

Tech data:

Panasonic G85 using a Panasonic Leica 12-60mm f/2.8-4 lens at 40mm. ISO 800. f/3.9 at 1/800th sec.