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Finding the Picture with Brooks Jensen

Finding The Human Touch

Inanimate objects are a difficult subject matter to embue with emotion content. They are, after all, just stuff. A habit I picked up years ago from a workshop instructor (sorry, I've long ago forgotten who — my apologies) is to target the stuff that is touched by a human hand. In this paint booth at the Dakota Creek Shipyard in Anacortes, the walls are probably not touched by a human hand, the ground is probably not touched by a human hand ...

... but the paint brush in the back of the sunlit paint booth is touched by a human hand. (I know, a bit of a "Where's Waldo" but you can see it in the corner if you look carefully.) In fact, we can easily imagine someone carefully placing it in this exact position. That's the photograph.

Tech data:

Panasonic G85 using a Panasonic Leica DG 12-60mm f/2.8-4 lens. ISO 1000. f/10 at 1/600th sec.