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Exploring the Possibilities

Not "How to", but the What and Why of
post-processing decisions

Audio introduction to this series (Brooks' podcast LW1188 - Exploring the Possibilities)

There are plenty of "how to" websites and YouTube tutorials that can help you understand the software and mechanics of image processing. However, these can be frustrating if the they never tell you why they use some technique! In this series of videos with Brooks Jensen, you'll view images from LensWork readers and submissions as Brooks explores the processing possibilities and the reasons for his choices. Of course, there are always a myriad of directions to take an image in post-processing — that's why there are no right answers, but lots of ways to explore the possibilities! These are not image critiques, but discussion about why processing decisions can make a more impactful image.

Below you'll see examples of the photograph provided, then the same image after Brooks has explored one possibility. If you'd like one of your images to be considered for this series, see the submission instructions. We may not be able to use it, but it's impossible if you don't send it in. Thanks!

Orchestrating the Light

Runtime 4:37

Link to the video

Ghost Fish

Runtime 5:19

Link to the video

Advance Featured PDFs

Runtime 12:04

Link to the video

Making Why to Make Non-quadrilateral Photographs

etp-010, version 2
Runtime 13:59

Link to the video

Using Layout to Express an Idea

Runtime 6:46

Link to the video

Creating a Stitched Image for a Large Print

Runtime 5:26

Link to the video


Runtime 9:47

Link to the video

Circular Logic

Runtime 5:00

Link to the video

Revisiting a project

Runtime 4:52

Link to the video

Eliminate the conflicting elements

Runtime 5:16

Link to the video

A little cleaning up

Runtime 5:15

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A Few More Introductory Examples

Runtime 15:13

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Runtime 11:34

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