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Membership Information & Options

What is LensWork Online?

Quite simply, the most amazing website for photography and the creative process you've ever seen!

Content is, indeed, King. Whereas most websites are fancy brochures to sell you something, LensWork Online is content — only content. We've pulled out all the stops and created a site where you can find content to view, content to learn from, content to inspire you, content to get you thinking about your art life — and where you can download or view everything without having to make piecemeal purchases. Your membership is your access!

How does it work?

The content pages on this website are locked and accessible only after you have logged in with your membership Username and Password. Depending on which of the membership programs you choose (see below), all the pages at your membership level will be accessible after a single login. You will need to login only once per session.

Once you are are logged in, you can browse the index pages, view the complete content, download PDFs, interviews, and MP3 files.

If you are a Full Access member you will also be able to download free eBooks for your Kindle or other eBook reader, view the complete content of all our Visual Workshops, Creative Labs, Darkroom Tours, and so much more.

Finding Your Way Around

The Newest Content and Complete Content links in the top button bar will help keep you grounded. You can always get back square one from any page in the website. The Quick Access Links drop down menu will become useful once you know you way around and want to jump directly to your favorite area.


A preview of the extent and content of this extraordinary site can be found on the basic site navigation page.

Membership Options

Different folks have different interests, so we've developed two levels of access. Choose the membership level that suits you best!


Full Access Membership

$59 a year

A full access membership allows you a year of unlimited access to the entire content of this website — literally terabytes of content — for only $59 including a year of downloadable LensWork Tablet Edition and LensWork Extended Computer Edition. (A 1-year subscription gives you access to the three most recent issues plus future issues released in the year, so actually a year and a half of issues!)

  • Downloadable editions of LensWork and LensWork Extended
  • Complete Brooks Jensen Podcast archive (now over 950 podcasts!)
  • Full content of our Visual Workshops
  • Darkroom tours
  • Interviews with photographers (over 300 and counting!)
  • Downloadable eBooks and audio books
  • Readers' PDF Gallery and the Reader's Spotlight
  • Complete Editor's Comments articles starting from LensWork #1
  • And much, much more.

In addition, members receive priority submissions reviews, submissions feedback, and other benefits not available to non-members.


Gift memberships
You can also purchase a gift membership!

LensWork Digital Editions

$29 a year

This option allows access to the downloadable versions of the LensWork Tablet Edition and the LensWork ExtendedComputer Edition — for Adobe Reader for PC or Mac, iPad/iPhone/iPod, and Android devices— for only $29 per year.

This is an ideal choice if you only want the equivalent of a subscription to LensWork in a downloadable format. Note that a great deal of the additional content (e.g., books, eBooks, workshops on disc, etc.) can be still be purchased individually from our online store. There are some content areas, however, that are only available to Full Access members of LensWork Online that are not available for individual purchase outside this membership website.


Gift memberships
You can also purchase a membership!


Auto-renew Membership Option

During checkout, you will find an optional "auto-renew" plan that will automatically charge your credit card each year so your membership stays active. Of course, you can cancel and any time, but we hope you keep finding content that is always worth another year!

Memberships to LensWork Online are only available in 1-year increments.