When the gray overlay disappears, you are logged in!

Welcome to our new login portal. We've converted LensWork Online to a new membership gateway that is faster and much easier to manage! Plus, it combines all your subscriptions/membership into one convenient system! Whew! You are seeing this page because you successfully updated your password in the new security system and are now logged in.

Choosing your own password

If you would like to change your new system-generated password to something of your own choosing (including your old password, if you'd like), you can do so very easily with the instructions below

To change your password for LensWork Online in our new login portal, go to:

Manage My Subscriptions

Look for the "Login with Email" box and enter your username and the system-generated password, then click the "Login" button:

Once you are logged in, you can see all your subscriptions and their status. Look for the Update Account Password area near the bottom. It looks like this…

Enter a password of your choosing in both boxes (you can enter your old password if you'd like to use it again) and click the “Update Passwords” button. That’s it! Be sure to use this updated password on future logins.

PayPal Auto-renewals

We no longer offer the option to choose PayPal's "auto-renew" function on new memberships because PayPal made it far too confusing. Instead, we now have an auto-renew option using credit cards which you can choose during checkout. You can, of course, cancel or change at any time.

If you are already setup with PayPal's auto-renew function, that will continue. If you prefer, you can change over to our auto-renew with credit card without using PayPal's confusing process. With our new system, you will receive a 30-day heads-up email that your auto-renew is about to renew so it won't come as a suprise each year! Email us for detailed instructions at techsupport@lenswork.com or we can help with this process if you'll call us at 800-659-2130 (USA) or 360-588-1343.

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