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Downloading PDFs for full screen viewing

We recommend that you download our PDFs and view them from your local hard drive via the Adobe Reader. The advantage of doing so is that many of the Media Monographs, in particular, are best viewed as "Full Screen" presentations rather than as PDF windows inside your browser. Here are some tips on how to do this.

PDF download

Downloading to your PC or Mac computer

There are two ways to view a PDF. You can just click on a link, or you can "download" it. There is a big difference.

If you click on a link, the PDF will probably open inside your browser window. (Virtually all browsers have the ability to open a PDF in a browser window.) By doing so, you will start what is called a "helper app" instance of your PDF reader that will render the document inside the browser. That's okay, but you might be missing some of the full impact of a full screen presentation and worse, you might not have all the features of our PDFs available to you — particularly the audio/video components.

It is better to actually download the PDF to your local computer, then open it with the Adobe Reader as a free-standing application. This will ensure you will see the document as we intended, with all the features enabled and all the impact of a full screen presentation. As an added benefit, you will also have the entire content of the document on your local hard drive and won't need access to the Internet to view it next time. This also allows you to build your own personal library of favorite PDFs!

How to Download

To download, right-click (sometimes Ctrl-click on a Mac) on the PDF link and look for language like "Save as . . ." or "Save link as . . ." or even "Download as . . ." from the list of options. (Different browsers use different language.) Once you click on that option, typically you will next see a window that will allow you to navigate to the location where you want to store the file and save it there. Be sure to allow enough time for the download to complete, then open the PDF from your storage location.


Full Screen Mode

The Adobe Reader can be toggled in/out of Full Screen Mode by pressing the Ctrl-L (Windows) or Cmd-L (Mac).

PDFs that open automatically in Full Screen Mode can also be exited from Full Screen Mode by pressing the ESC key.

This does not apply to iPad/Android viewing.


A few notes about software, devices, and compatibililty.

Downloading our PDFs directy to Adobe Reader on your iPad


In Safari login to LensWork Online and navigate to the page that has the PDF you want to download to Adobe Acrobat.

Tap on the link and wait for the PDF to download in your browser. Once the PDF has downloaded, tap anywhere on the screen and a bar will pop up at the top of the window. Click "Open in..." and select "Open in Adobe Acrobat." The Adobe Reader app will automatically open with the PDF. Tap in the middle of the screen to make the tool bars disappear.

Transferring our PDFs to your iPad from your Mac or PC


Although there are several ways to move a PDF file from your computer to your iPad, here is the way we recommend as one of the simplest. It uses the APP GoodReader in concert with iTunes. (GoodReader is the APP we recommend for our PDFs and the one we test with. Other PDF reader APPs may work, but there is no guarantee.)

Step 1

Machine generated alternative text: lIBRARY S Movies J Podcasts [!jiJ Books Apps Tunes Store Png Purchased jJ Purchased on Brooks Jensen’s... DEVICES Q Brooks Jensen s iPad EJ Ø PIAYUSTS 9O MusicPlug in your iPad to your computer. This should start iTunes automatically.

In iTunes, look on the left side for your iPad. It should be listed under DEVICES.



Step 2

Click on the name of your iPad to open the Summary screen



Step 3

Now in the top row, click on "Apps"

Step 4

Look for the "File Sharing" box at the bottom

Assuming you have the recommended GoodReader App, you will see it listed. Click on GoodReader and the "Documents" window to the right will list all the documents on your iPad that GoodReader can open.


From the location on your computer (desktop or folder) drag and drop the LensWork PDF(s) onto the "Documents" window in iTunes. Click on an "Apply" button to start the sync to your iPad. iTunes will then copy the PDF from your computer to your iPad so GoodReader can see it.

Disconnect your iPad from iTunes and open GoodReader.

On your iPad, tap on the GoodReader app and you will find the PDFs you've just transferred listed in the left "My Documents" column. Tap to open the LensWork PDF with GoodReader.

Downloading to an Android tablet or phone

First, if you haven't already done so, download the free Adobe Reader app to your device.

From any link in LensWork Online, simply tap the link. Your Android device will either open the PDF in your default PDF viewing app or ask you which app you'd like to use that can open a PDF. We strongly recomment the free Adobe Reader app as it does the best job presenting single pages that fill the screen as individual pages rather than a continuous scroll of pages.